"Beautiful atmosphere, amazing decor, great service and delicious food! Our waitress Ying was great, she was so funny and very sweet. We enjoyed the Mito sushi as an appetizer, chicken teriyaki and mashed potatoes, white rice and steak teriyaki as a meal. To cleanse our palate she recommended the green tea mochi and it was delicious. Ying arrived with the check and inside it had wipes to clean your hands and gum. I’ve never been to any restaurant that provided gum after a meal. They always give candy or something to suck on. This place is great and we will definitely be back👍🏼👏🏼"

Brittany Rivera Local Guide

"Decor is splendid, staff is nice, food is great! Expansive fusion menu, there is something for everyone. Drink menu is also top notch. Clean, calm, and peaceful dinner with the family and children. ❤️"

RYT Local Guide

"I'm very happy that we have such a very excellent restaurant in our area now. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the staff who were very organized and knew exactly where to go and what to do. The food that we ordered was just excellent, was not a very heavy feeling either after we were done eating. At the end of our meal we received a mint gum each and a wet wipe to clean off. Bit expensive but it is well worth the price if you'er in the mood for a good night out to eat, I will definitely be returning back the next occasion I get."

Alexander Fernandez Local Guide